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关于我们    About Us

《立场——教育对话》编辑小组成员 Editorial Team:

  • 刘煜 日本中央大学 LIU Yu, Chuo University, Japan
  • 王丹 美国雪城大学 WANG Dan, Syracuse University, USA
  • 徐建平 美国雪城大学 XU Jianping, Syracuse University, USA
  • 赖立里  北京大学   LAI Lili, Beijing University, China
  • 罗军   多伦多大学   LUO Jun,  University of Toronto, Canada
  • 周忆粟   密西根州立大学   ZHOU Yisu,  Michigan State University, USA

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  • The website of Positions will be updated in January, April, July, and August every year. Each issue can be accessed and downloaded from online free of charge. You can also subscribe by sending a subscription request to edupositions@gmail.com. We will email you the full issue when it is available.

版权说明 Copyright:

意见反馈 Feedback:

  • 《立场》感谢您的关注和爱护!请将您宝贵的意见和建议发送到杂志信箱: edupositions@gmail.com。
  • Please send your feedbacks and suggestions to edupositions@gmail.com. Your opinions are highly appreciated!

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