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Call for Papers


Positions: Dialogues on Education is a quarterly electronic journal edited by graduate students and junior faculty in the United States, Japan, and China. It takes China’s educational issues as its main focus, but also welcomes comparative studies across cultures, regions, and academic disciplines. It aims at promoting an interdisciplinary multicultural perspective to understand the historical, social, cultural, and political foundations of education in China as well as in other area of the globe. It is also the goal of Positions: Dialogues on Education to promote communication between the academic community and educational practitioners, and thus bridging the gap between theory and practice.

            Positions: Dialogues on Education cordially invites submissions of papers from all social sciences and humanity disciplines and especially encourages contributions by school or university teachers to reflect on their own educational practices and the institutions they reside in. Book reviews, new translations, and interviews also form an essential part of our publication.

            Submissions can be in Chinese, Japanese, and English. However, the journal is published in Chinese only. For manuscripts in Japanese and English, it is expected that authors will provide Chinese translations of their papers once their submissions are accepted. The editors are happy to provide assistance for translations of the manuscripts.

            All inquiries and submissions should be addressed to info@lichang.org. To download past issues and for more information, please visit the journal’s website: www.lichang.org.



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